The Jinja Educational Trust aims to improve the education, training and welfare of young people in Uganda so they can go on to acquire the necessary skills for a successful and fulfilling life.

Education in Uganda is highly valued with both teachers and students working hard to achieve the best they can. However often school buildings and equipment are little more than wooden shacks and a stick of chalk. Through building high quality schools, making sure they are well equipped and staffed we aim to be an example of best practice which other schools in the Jinja area can aspire to. This enables the students to achieve their full potential, whether it is through an academic or a vocational route.

If we are to succeed it is vital that we care for health as well as education. Good education has to coincide with good health. Providing clean water facilities and nutrition is paramount in providing a higher standard of student health which in turn improves school attendance.

We work in partnership with UK teaching and medical advisers and the local community to ensure the projects supported by the Trust make a positive and lasting impact that is sustainable for the future.

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About the Trust

The Jinja Educational Trust is run by a team of trustees in the UK. In Uganda we have a UK Country Manager, who is resident in Jinja, a Ugandan Country Manager and a Ugandan team of assistants. The Trustees visit Jinja regularly and have constant contact with the Country Manager. This enables us to monitor projects on a regular basis and to identify potential new ones.

The Jinja Educational Trust started ten years ago as The Bujagali Trust. This was founded by the Riley and Hollinghurst families, to whom we are very grateful for having the vision to help the children of Jinja. At the time Bujagali was named for some beautiful waterfalls in the area but after a dam was built they no longer exist. As the charity has developed and become much bigger we have decided to rebrand to the Jinja Education Trust which better reflects what we do and the area we are based in.

Fundraising is a major part of our work and we hold events to raise awareness and financial help. We are extremely grateful our network of supportive schools, sponsors and volunteers in the UK. Without these we would not be able to provide the ongoing support for the children in our schools and orphanages. It is vital that we are able to offer continuity to these vulnerable young people, and that they can rely on us to provide the support they so desperately need.

Fundraising News

Update April 2014

In the last year we have been fortunate to have received enough support to build Mutai Senior School a new block to enable them to have a sixth form and teach A levels. This is a huge step forward for them as otherwise many students would have left school at 16 without being able to reach their full potential.

The library at Victoria Nile was completely restored thanks to generous personal donations. Now all the children have library time every week and plenty of new books to read.

Several volunteers came out for the first time this year so they can see the work we do in Jinja and where the money they raise and donate to us goes.

Update April 2013

It is only through the generous donations from our supporters that we can offer continued and sustained help to the children of Jinja.

It is through regular fundraising that we have been able to rebuild Mutai Senior School; provide Son Rise and Mama Jane orphanages continued support; give educational supplies to several primary schools and sponsor children through school.

Money goes a long way in Jinja but costs are ever-rising and the Trust is expanding so we are so grateful to all the schools, businesses and friends for their continued support - both financial and practical.


The Trust is involved in a number of projects which, year on year, increase as existing community educational projects in the Jinja area are brought to our attention. We consider very carefully the sustainability of our involvement in any project before we commit the Trust's resources.

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We welcome volunteers at the projects we support, but it is not something that should be undertaken lightly.

Please click here to read The Jinja Educational Trust - Volunteer Guidelines which we hope will help you to assess what you can offer the Trust and what the Trust can offer you in return.

The guide also contains more detail of some of the projects we support and contact information.


As trustees of the Jinja Educational Trust we have all travelled to Uganda many times over the past 6 years. We meet regularly to discuss the best way to support the projects and to identify new ones. We are all volunteers and all our trips are self-funded.

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Jon has many years’ experience in the corporate world and in particular in the pharmaceutical industry having been CFO of AstraZeneca and Novartis.

Sue and Tessa are responsible for the day to day running of the Trust and the fundraising. They travel to Jinja the most frequently and keep in touch with our supporters in the UK and the projects in Jinja.

Sue and Tessa are responsible for the day to day running of the Trust and the fundraising. They travel to Jinja the most frequently and keep in touch with our supporters in the UK and the projects in Jinja.

Sally is a teacher, specialising in Early Years education. She has taken teaching groups out to Jinja and coordinates the teaching support we offer in Jinja.

Hamish is a Doctor who has been working with local medical and healthcare practitioners to improve the care and wellbeing of the children in our schools and orphanages.

Jacqui is a senior school textiles and food technology teacher who oversees the vocational and senior school education of our schools in Jinja.

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If you are interested in volunteering in Uganda, please read our guidelines to volunteering in Africa.